Glenwood Kennels
Preserving the finest traditions of hunting spaniels


 Offering the Finest in Field Bred English Springer Spaniels.

Our dogs are part of a breeding program based on the finest traditions of hunting spaniels. Temperament, natural abilities and the desire to please are all fundamental. We produce dogs who are kind and gentle, intelligent, who have that necessary desire to please and live to hunt. These dogs are fearless of the thickest cover and the deepest water. Their proudest moments come after the shot while they retrieve your bird with their heads held high. Not only do our dogs make fantastic hunting companions but they are also true family members. Anyone who knows a Springer understands their wonderful sense of humor, whole hearted love of their family and absolute beauty.

Our family was blessed with the greatest gift last fall! Although it has been awhile since we have posted any updates, don't believe for a second that we haven't been busy. Jen was lucky enough to have a wonderful pregnancy which allowed her to guide pheasant hunts up until 10 days before our little girl was born! She has forever changed our world and has made us realize how lucky we truly are. Thanks be to God for giving us this precious gift and for allowing us to raise her experiencing a love for animals & the joy of the outdoors!

Over 25 Years Exclusively English Springer Spaniels